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Natural referencing, paid referencing or both?

It's a bit like asking yourself whether to put all your eggs in one basket or not. The strength of a good communication strategy is to diversify its channels. To sell a service or a product, it must be seen by prospects. It is essential to think, among other things, to succeed in occupying a good place in the results of search engines, we speak here of "ranking". Given the market share of Google on search engines, the Google ranking is in practice the only one that really counts.

Okay, once we've said that, how do we do it?


The natural referencing 🌿 of a website encompasses technique, content and popularity. It is also called SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

  • To take care of the technical part of your website, you must respect the good practices of the standards of each language. We use HTML for the content of the pages, CSS for the formatting of the pages and JavaScript for the animations.
  • It is essential to select a server that matches the traffic requirements, data security and guaranteed availability.
  • A good content is varied and original: text, written exclusively by or for your site, modern images, consistent with your identity, ideally created for you, unique videos illustrating your words, animations, audio content, etc...
  • A good popularity is a content that links to various sites and that is picked up by others.

Paid search 💸 at Google consists of buying keywords or phrases at auction. It is also called SEA: Search Engine Advertising.

  • This is equivalent to buying advertising space that corresponds to the "sponsored links" appearing at the top of Google's search results. The choice of words is crucial. It adjusts with experience and therefore time. Like all auctions, the ideal is to buy the best expressions at the best prices. A profitable option, especially in launch, is to limit the target by geographical location, age and interests.
  • It's worth buying your brand/product/service name when you launch your site. Once Google's algorithms have made your site come up when the product/service brand is entered in the search field, it becomes less useful to spend your budget on this auction. However, in mature markets, your competitors can buy your name and thus divert your prospects!
  • Keep an eye on the bids regularly because a competitor can copy you and buy the same expressions as you, it is therefore necessary to adjust regularly its bids to keep a good profitability. To follow the activity, a regular reporting is a good practice. It allows you to see the evolutions and trends.

The digital strategy is also articulated through theanimation of social networks. Posting content to create, develop and animate your community automatically raises your ranking. This is called SMO: Social Media Optimization.


Finally, the implementation of SEO, SEA and SMO, is to increase your visibility in search engines, this is called SEM: Search Engine Marketing.

The ideal position is that when you type in the words that are most similar to you, Google will show your brand on each category of the search result. You will appear at the top of the sponsored links. Then you will be present in the ranking with your site and your social networks, with for example your advertising film on YouTube and your Instagram account. To occupy as much space as possible, you can also complete your Google My Business page and thus have on the right your insert with the favorable reviews of your customers.


But I can't spend my time doing all that!


Yes, communication is a job. Managing your SEM, through all the facets it represents, takes time, and you need experience in each of the fields. Within a communication agency, the technical and aesthetic professions will work together to apply the best digital strategy and above all to make it come alive. Choose an agency that understands you, that accompanies you in the implementation of a strategy coherent with your budget, that sends you monthly reports and proposes regular adjustments to be implemented, all for an interesting price.